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Time for revamp at Mavcom

The aviation authority should revamp its organisation and consumer protection code instead of making announcements that are full of hot air.

Lee Tick Seng
2 minute read

I refer to the news dated Sept 4 titled "Time for Mavcom to have its own enforcement unit?"

As checks and balances, it’s normal and important for Mavcom or any other public authority including the police to investigate and go through the Attorney-General's Chambers (AGC) if they wish to take any action to court. Even without an enforcement unit, Mavcom had previously acted against several airlines found to have committed offences. Why waste it to establish an enforcement unit in Mavcom now?

Although complaints about refunds and flight delays are not unique to Malaysia but are happening throughout the world, the apparent discrepancies in the airlines’ flight delays, cancellations and refunds policy are unique in Malaysia where consumers buy air tickets to kiss their money good-bye under all circumstances.

On the refunds sought by AirAsia and AirAsia X passengers, many consumers are not aware that the airline's "unethical" actions are indeed sanctioned by Mavcom through the Malaysian Aviation Consumer Protection Code (MACPC) 2016, particularly Paragraphs 7A (1) and 12(5). It’s unfair and deceptive for the airline to repeatedly say that it has already refunded passengers by providing travel credit or vouchers. This is wrong, the airline should return the money it owes its passengers when it cancels flights.

That’s why Mavcom has been often described as "toothless" for failing to act against AirAsia and AirAsia X and instead allowing the company to ignore the rights of consumers.

How disgraceful for Mavcom to continue protecting airlines' "unethical" refund policies instead of consumers' right to a refund when airlines cancel flights.

The time has come for Mavcom to revamp its organisation and flawed consumer protection code, not make announcements and take stances that are full of hot air.

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