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About Us

MalaysiaNow is about daily news that affects you, opinions that matter and arguments that carry weight.

Driven by a small team of experienced journalists who have been with various online portals over the years, we bring you the missing dimension in the country's current affairs.

In doing so, we owe nothing to politicians, political parties or interest groups.

From the corridors of power to the next-door kopitiam, we document what it is to be Malaysian, bringing it to you one story at a time, because every story matters.

Starting March 2024, MalaysiaNow will not carry the bylines of our journalists on our news reports and articles as they are a collective effort. This does not mean that we operate under a cloak of anonymity, as we are a news outlet with media accreditation, in addition to having a physical presence which is clearly stated.


Abdar Rahman Koya