Thursday, May 19, 2022


Taiwan TV station apologises after mistakenly reporting Chinese attack

The alerts included messages such as 'a war could break out', a major train station in Taipei being set on fire by 'Chinese agents' and Taiwan's president declaring a state of emergency.

Hong Kong independent news outlet shuts down to ‘ensure safety’

The association was one of the last professional groups still standing after more than 50 civil society organisations disbanded over the past year under political pressure and arrests.

Revisiting our top revelations that set the nation talking in 2021

Top of the list was news of Najib Razak's RM100 million house although others were not far behind.

US calls on China and Hong Kong to release Stand News employees

The Stand News raid raises more concerns about press freedom in the former British colony, which returned to Chinese rule in 1997 with the promise that its freedoms, including a free press, would be protected.

Singapore govt suspends news site for failing to declare funding sources

The Online Citizen had long been in the government's crosshairs.

Pandemic has increased trust in media, report shows

While this may be a temporary effect, in almost all countries polled, audiences placed a greater premium on accurate and reliable news sources, it says.

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