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PM, you're either for the working class or against it

The prime minister cannot run with the foxes and hunt with the hounds.

Nehru Sathiamoorthy
3 minute read

It is an open secret that most of the country's elites contribute nothing of value to the country.

The overwhelming majority of CEOs, bosses and decision makers in the business world have a parasitic relationship with the organisation they control.

The lion’s share of the value and wealth generated by a company actually comes from its B40 and M40 workers.

Much of this wealth is parasitically absorbed by the elites who have little or no involvement in the creation of value.

Even Anwar Ibrahim's own government has reported that our current economic model allows up to 53% of our subsidies to be sucked up by the top 20% of the population.

Subsidies are not the only way the elites parasitically suck the country's resources and wealth. They also syphon off the wealth and resources that organisations and businesses generate.

Anwar recently said that the government must not be hasty in implementing reforms as it must consider the implications.

“Any promised reforms by the government must be implemented carefully to ensure the people are prepared to embrace the changes,” he said.

According to Anwar, a lesson can be learnt from what happened in France in the 18th century after the French Revolution, when people’s living conditions deteriorated due to the radical changes made by the new leaders.

“Therefore, we should not hastily fulfil the desires of the elite without considering the political implications, stability, and the repercussions of such changes.

“There is a major disconnect between the idea of immediate change and the readiness of the people,” he said.

I find it strange and disturbing that Anwar claims that it is the elite who want change, but he has to curb their desire because he does not want their desire for change to have a negative impact on people’s lives.

I find it strange because it is almost impossible that the elites who really benefit from the exploitative economic model that exploits millions of B40, M40 and foreign workers are clamouring for change.

If our elites were the kind that cries out for change, our economy would not be the one that exploits local workers or oppresses foreign workers in the first place!

And why should the vast majority of people in the country take time to embrace change, as Anwar claims, when the change he wants to impose is to destroy the control mechanism that these parasitic and exploitative elites have imposed on the country, to undermine the value that the M40 and B40 workers create for the nation, stealing the nation's wealth, oppressing millions of foreign workers, leaving the nation permanently stuck in the middle income trap and bleeding it so much that we are now becoming a third world nation again.

It appears that Anwar is actually supporting the status quo while appearing to be a force for change.

If he was really a force for change, he would have spoken to the elites and told them to prepare for change instead of telling people to beware of change.

Anwar has to choose sides.

There is no question that there is a powerful exploiting class in the country. Without a powerful exploiting class in the economy, there would be no millions of oppressed foreign labourers. Having normalised this exploitation, they will surely extend this exploitation to the local workers as well.

The country's most exploitative tycoons will portray themselves as kind and caring people who, despite having acquired their wealth through their own merit, are charitable to the working class and look for ways to improve people's lives.

Anwar must show that he can see through the illusions that the exploitative elites have built.

Instead, he shows signs of being fooled by the illusions they conjure up. He will begin to sound as if his sympathies and concerns are with working people, but his behaviour and actions will indicate that he is more interested in exploiting the working class than helping us.

If Anwar identifies more with the elites than with the working class, then all his talk of reform is nothing but window dressing.

Once he gets into the fold of these elites, he will do exactly what they have done to the working class. They will collude to control the platforms, institutions, organisations, resources, processes, procedures, laws and opportunities in the nation.

Anwar must stop portraying the exploitative elites as heroes. He must stop asking people to be patient with a system that oppresses them.

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