Friday, October 22, 2021


Minat ke Langkawi meningkat 13 kali ganda ketika sektor pelancongan mula dibuka

Carian penginapan di Port Dickson pula meningkat 360% manakala Melaka 270%

Kedah authorities refute fake news on girl’s death after Covid jab

They say she died of a ruptured thoracic aneurysm and that her death had nothing to do with the vaccine injection.

High hospital bed use among factors keeping Kedah, Johor in Phase 1

Kedah and Johor are the only states still in the first phase of the National Recovery Plan.

Takiyuddin tells why Gunung Jerai floods an act of God, not due to logging

He says no logging activities have been carried out in the area which was declared a national geopark in 2018.

After the flood waters subside in Yan

A look at the aftermath of the landslides and flash floods which occurred in several states in Kedah following heavy rain in mid-August. Six people died while over 1,000 others were affected.

Pemimpin PH persoal ‘rombongan Umno’ ikut lawatan PM ke Kedah

Pemimpin PH mengecam perdana menteri susulan penularan beberapa gambar yang menunjukkan Ismail Sabri Yaakob dalam kapal terbang bersama sekumpulan pemimpin Umno.

PH leaders question Umno ‘delegation’ with Ismail on PM’s jet

They hit out at the prime minister following the circulation of pictures showing Ismail Sabri Yaakob on the plane along with a group of Umno leaders.

Putrajaya to channel RM75 million in immediate flood aid to Kedah

Immediate aid of RM5,000 will also be given to families who lost their loved ones in the floods.

Kedah declares flood spots Level 1 disaster areas

The state government says all necessary measures are being taken to deal with the situation effectively.

14 Covid patients among those evacuated after flood in Kedah

Forty-five close contacts who had been undergoing home quarantine have also been moved to a designated relief centre.

Muhyiddin harap kerajaan Kedah segerakan bantuan kepada penduduk terjejas

Beberapa kawasan kampung dan taman perumahan di sekitar Gunung Jerai, dilanda banjir dipercayai akibat kejadian fenomena kepala air kira-kira pukul 4.00 petang semalam.

3 dead, 3 missing in Kedah flood

The flood occurred after an upstream rush of water yesterday evening.

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