Tuesday, June 15, 2021


Mine-clearers killed in Afghanistan, interpreters under Taliban death sentences

Afghan translators employed by Australian forces have been placed on a Taliban kill list for working alongside 'infidel enemies' over the past 20 years.

Taliban demands ‘remorse’ from fearful Afghan interpreters

Over the past two decades, dozens of Afghan translators have been killed and tortured in targeted assaults by the Taliban.

More Afghan interpreters and families to be ‘rapidly’ relocated to UK, US

Earlier schemes applied strict criteria on who could apply and suffered from delays in processing.

As US reduces Mideast troops, China and Russia may step in, says US commander

The Biden administration views China’s rapidly expanding economic influence and military might as America’s primary long-term security challenge.

Abandoned Afghans who worked for US fear for their lives after final withdrawal

'The Taliban considers them to be literally enemies of Islam. There’s no mercy for them.'

Pakistan won’t support return of Taliban to power, says Afghan president

Analysts warn that the US troop withdrawal all but ensures heightened instability in Afghanistan, with potentially troubling security implications for Pakistan itself.

US military trashes gear before finally exiting Afghanistan, dismaying locals

They are leaving behind an Afghan population where many are deeply frustrated and angry.

Afghan families bury schoolchildren killed in blasts

The explosions are believed to have been caused by a car bomb and two improvised explosive devices.

Hillary Clinton predicts ‘huge consequences’ of Afghan US troop withdrawal

She says the potential collapse of the Afghan government and a possible takeover by the Taliban could result in a new civil war.

AS mula undur tentera dari Afghanistan

Kira-kira 100 tentera, bersama sebahagian besar peralatan ketenteraan diangkut dengan pesawat.

History returning to an uncertain future in Afghanistan

Precious relics of Afghanistan’s ancient past are returning home as the nation confronts deepening uncertainty about its future.

State secretary in Afghanistan to sell Biden troop withdrawal, end to US war

Nato troops, which outnumber US forces will all pull out at the same time.

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