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The VIP factor in flights keeping to schedule

If a passenger is important enough, the plane will fly no matter what.

Larry Seow
1 minute read

I read with mixed feelings the call for the protection of passenger rights. I am all for this as more delays and cancellations occur without any accountability on the part of the airlines. But I also know that if someone is important enough, the plane will fly no matter what. This is the sick world we live in today. This was my experience.

Some years back, I was flying from Singapore to Perth via KL. I was in no hurry so I chose a much cheaper flight as the transit window was only about an hour.

To my utter surprise, at the KLIA departure lounge to Perth there were hardly any passengers. I counted no more than five or six people. I got worried and approached the counter which was already open. I asked why there were so few passengers, if the flight was on schedule, and whether we would have to fly on another aircraft/airline.

The answer knocked my socks off. I was told not to worry, the flight would take off as scheduled because there was a VIP going to Perth. I was more than satisfied with the answer and didn't ask anymore.

True enough, the plane took off right on schedule. In the economy cabin there were more crew members than passengers. I had one of the best flights in four decades of flying. And I paid half the price that I would have if I had flown direct.

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