Wednesday, December 1, 2021

The people’s ‘olive branch’ to power-hungry politicians

The most important thing for now is for everyone to come together to fight the invisible enemy of Covid-19.

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To the seasoned politicians who are in the race for the country’s top jobs: We, the people, would like to reiterate that since the Covid-19 pandemic continues to linger and the numbers seem to be exponential, now is not a good time to carry on with your political ambitions.

You seem obsessed with the number of MPs who will be on your side while we are dead worried over the number of cases, which hit 660 just yesterday.

Already struggling with the immeasurable loss of income and jobs, those hardest hit will face even tougher times as the semi-lockdown or CMCO (conditional movement control order) kicks in.

To the politicians who are offering “olive branches” to one another in order to cement their positions, we the people, are unable to profit anything from your deals.

Yes, our democratic practices are not the best that they could be. Illegal backdoor governments and constant switching of allegiances among politicians is nothing to be proud of.

But what matters the most now is for all of us to come together to fight the invisible enemy that is Covid-19. This is the real war, and the country will be even worse off if we allow the power-grabbing episodes to continue.

We must heed the Yang di-Pertuan Agong’s advice for all of us to stay vigilant and obey the guidelines put in place for us by the health ministry and World Health Organization in order to bend the curve again.

I am sure the people can read between the lines of the Istana’s refusal to meet any politicians for the time being.

It is up to us to chart the country’s direction. We have done it before and we must be able to do it again.

Good luck, Malaysia.

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