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After shouting match with PM, Radzi next PN politician to be called by MACC?

The anti-graft agency's chief, Azam Baki, does not rule out the former education minister being called over an investigation into a book printing contract.

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Putrajaya MP Radzi Jidin. Photo: Bernama
Putrajaya MP Radzi Jidin. Photo: Bernama

The Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) chief commissioner Azam Baki said he does not rule out calling Putrajaya MP Radzi Jidin over an investigation launched recently, just days after the Perikatan Nasional (PN) leader was involved in a shouting match with Prime Minister Anwar Ibrahim in the Dewan Rakyat.

"We will call anyone who is involved. But concerning Radzi, we do not rule out the possibility of calling him, but not now.

"We will call many witnesses and obtain evidence from the IO (investigating officer) first," he told Astro Awani.

MACC's investigation is believed to be related to the arrest of two individuals, including a former political secretary to Radzi, over allegations of corruption involving a book printing contract worth RM80 million when he led the education ministry.

The accusations first surfaced on social media as supporters of Pakatan Harapan condemned Radzi following his shouting match with Anwar on Sept 19, which ended with him and other PN MPs walking out in protest against the Dewan Rakyat's speaker's refusal to reprimand the prime minister.

Radzi was incensed by a remark by Anwar, the Tambun MP, suggesting that he was involved in corruption.

Speaker Johari Abdul said there was no need for Anwar to retract the statement if he was convinced of it, prompting an angry Radzi to shout "I am convinced Tambun is a sodomiser", referring to the prime minister's past convictions.

Radzi has strongly denied the latest allegations against him, saying his wife was also being dragged into the matter.

"What they want to do with that slander is to assassinate my character," he said in a video posting.