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Mahathir slams 'LGBT-linked collapse of moral values' in Europe

The former prime minister says the Europeans 'have lost their direction'.

Ahmad Mustakim Zulkifli
1 minute read
People attend an annual LGBTQ+ Pride parade in Rome, Italy, June 10. Photo: Reuters
People attend an annual LGBTQ+ Pride parade in Rome, Italy, June 10. Photo: Reuters

Former prime minister Dr Mahathir Mohamad today criticised Europe's approach to gender ideology and the LGBT movement, calling it a sign of collapsing moral values following a two-week working visit to the continent. 

Speaking to reporters at KLIA, he said the rainbow colours of the Pride flag could be seen throughout Europe. 

"The Europeans have lost their direction – they are concentrating on the LGBT," he said, referring to the lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender community. 

"Everyone must support the LGBT. Even when they have a play, it's all about supporting the LGBT." 

Mahathir's trip to Europe had coincided with the so-called Pride Month in June, celebrated largely in the West to signal solidarity with the LGBT community. 

In Malaysia, where gay sex is a criminal offence, a series of Pride-themed watches by popular Swiss watchmaker Swatch was recently confiscated by the authorities. 

Mahathir said recent developments showed that Europe had lost its moral values. 

He also criticised European laws legalising marriage for same-sex couples. 

"When I was small, we saw Europeans as very good examples. They were very neatly dressed and behaved very well," he said. 

These days, however, their clothing and hairstyles were strange and different, he said. 

Adding that the West could not be made an example to others, he said they should instead be looking to the East. 

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