Saturday, January 22, 2022

Pejuang slams ‘double standards’ after Rosmah escapes arrest over court no-show

It says no further opportunities should be given for her to behave as though she is immune to the law.

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Pejuang today questioned the leeway given to Rosmah Mansor despite her no-show in court today, asking why special treatment should be shown to an individual under trial for abuse of power and corruption.

Labelling her failure to attend a court hearing today as irresponsible and an act of disrespect towards the country’s legal system, it said she should not be given any leeway.

“Even more disappointing, the court gave her a chance and did not issue a warrant for her arrest.

“Imagine if the same thing had been done by an ordinary person – a warrant of arrest would have been issued without delay. Do certain individuals in this country who possess authority get special treatment under the law?”

Rosmah, who faces three charges related to the integrated hybrid solar photovoltaic system project as well as the genset/diesel maintenance and operation for 369 rural schools in Sarawak worth RM1.25 billion, was allowed the use of her passport for travel to Singapore last month.

The Kuala Lumpur High Court granted her the temporary release of the document to visit her daughter on condition that she return to the country by Nov 21 and return the passport by Dec 6.

However, she failed to show up for a hearing today on her bid to disqualify former judge Gopal Sri Ram from acting as lead prosecutor in her corruption case.

Her lawyer Jagjit Singh confirmed that she was still in Singapore and said there had been a change in her travel plans due to the recently introduced Vaccinated Travel Lane.

Pejuang called for Rosmah’s passport to be retracted upon her return to the country.

“Do not give any further opportunities for her to repeat this failure and to behave as though she is immune to legal action,” it said.

“Let us not forget that she is facing trial for serious offences involving abuse of power, corruption and criminal breach of trust which have a significant impact on the people and the country.

“Why should special treatment be shown to individuals such as this?”

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