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PKR woman at centre of sex assault probe breaks silence

PKR activist Yuslaini Azmi says she hopes her allegations against Faiz Fadzil will not be politicised.

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PKR Activist, Yuslaini Azmi. Photo: Facebook
PKR Activist, Yuslaini Azmi. Photo: Facebook

The woman at the centre of sexual assault allegations against a senior Amanah leader has called for a “transparent” investigation, amid claims of hidden political hands behind her police report.

Yuslaini Azmi, a PKR activist, said she hoped her allegations against Permatang Pasir assemblyman Faiz Fadzil would not be politicised.

“I reject all dirty politics that would aggaravate the situation only because we are both in the same opposition bloc,” Yuslaini said in a statement.

Faiz, who is the son of the late influential PAS leader Fadzil Noor, has denied Yuslaini’s claim that he sexually assaulted her.

Yuslaini had named him in a police report lodged in Subang Jaya last week, accusing the politician of fondling her when they went out for dinner in January.

She said a similar incident took place this month.

“This is not just a case about me alone, but also about all the women who have experienced or are going through sexual harassment in this country.

“I hold on to the principle of speaking the truth, and I am sure many out there are suffering in silence without support and have undergone trauma that is difficult to overcome,” she said.

Meanwhile, Yuslaini said she hoped the police would investigate another report she had lodged about a kidnap incident involving her 10 years ago, but gave no further details.