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Ex-propaganda chief's PC over video call with PKR man fuels internet memes

The press conference also leads to more questions, including about a ontradiction on who had initiated the call.

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Examples of the memes which have flooded social media in the wake of a video clip showing former J-KOM chief Mohammad Agus Yusoff in a sexually charged video call.
Examples of the memes which have flooded social media in the wake of a video clip showing former J-KOM chief Mohammad Agus Yusoff in a sexually charged video call.

An explosion of internet humour in the form of short clips and songs has flooded social media in the wake of a video clip showing the government's former propaganda chief in a sexually charged video call with a PKR man.

But alongside the scores of internet memes, many were also shocked at Mohammad Agus Yusoff's decision to put on a brave front by facing reporters' questions alongside the person seen in the video with him, Abdul Wahab Abdul Kadir Jilani.

Some said it was ironic that Agus, who was picked by Anwar Ibrahim to head the Community Communications Department (J-KOM) under the Prime Minister's Department, opted to go the way of a communications disaster.

"How can he be a director in the first place if this is how he conducts a press conference?" commented user naz-ghul on X.

"Director of the communications department but has no clue on how to communicate," said Hariz.

Mohammad Agus Yusoff and Abdul Wahab Abdul Kadir Jilani at a press conference along with their lawyers. 

The press conference which lasted more than an hour saw Agus and Wahab grilled by reporters on the video, with many of their answers leading to only more questions.

The duo claimed among others that the video, which began making the rounds on social media and WhatsApp the same day Agus tendered his resignation as J-KOM chief, was authentic, but was dubbed over with the voices of others. 

When Agus was questioned by the press on the video, he turned to Wahab for answers. 

Wahab, who was only recently employed by J-KOM, said he had been tasked by a certain "Mr H" who said Agus was involved in immoral activities.

As such, he said he had been told to record his video call with Agus, his boss of two weeks.

But when reporters requested that the original recording be released, Wahab said he no longer had the clip, further claiming that the original had no audio.

Reporters also asked them to explain some of the gestures in the video, including an instance where Agus was seen making kissing gestures, to which he said he could not remember while suggesting that he had fallen victim to technology that could doctor videos to show perfect lip sync.

One reporter referred to the fact that Wahab was seen shirtless in the clip. Wahab however said he had his shirt on.

Many reporters appeared dissatisfied with their explanation, including a contradiction on who had initiated the call.

Agus said it was him who called Wahab, although Wahab earlier said he had begun the call to frame Agus.

"You ask me something that was in the past, about who initiated (the call). Let me ask you, you phoned someone three days ago, who initiated the call, you or him? This thing is very technical and very specific," Agus said, trying to explain the contradiction.

Agus also said he had lodged a police report for an investigation of the video.

In the copy of the report on Nov 17 which was made available to MalaysiaNow, Agus said he decided to resign after a man showed the recording of his video call with Wahab.

Agus said he resigned after being advised by the man to do so in order not to prolong the issue.

Agus however did not specifically mention that the video going viral had been doctored.

"In the evening, I got to know that the video of me in a lewd conversation with a Malay male and J-KOM staff member had been spreading. The video is intended to slander me and to tarnish my reputation," he said in the report lodged some three hours before the press conference. 

It is understood that Agus has been interviewed by the police, and will be questioned again today.