Monday, February 22, 2021

Zahid says charges against him fabricated

The Umno president challenges anyone to make a police report against him over the claim.

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Zahid says charges against him fabricated

The Umno president challenges anyone to make a police report against him over the claim.

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Umno president Ahmad Zahid Hamidi has alleged that the criminal charges against him in conjunction with millions of ringgit of funds from Yayasan Akalbudi were fabricated, calling them “political accusations”.

“The fact is, when accusations are deliberately designed by the leaders before this and thankfully continued by the leaders now, I must face up to this issue,” he said in an interview with Malaysia Post.

“Let me clear my name,” he added. “These charges are without a doubt political accusations.”

Of the charges against him, 12 are for criminal breach of trust, eight are for bribery and 27 are for money laundering.

Zahid had claimed trial to all 47 charges in 2018. His case is pending in court as he is currently undergoing home quarantine after coming into close contact with an Umno Supreme Council member who tested positive for Covid-19.

In the interview, he also hit out at the autobiography recently released by former attorney-general Tommy Thomas, saying it was clear from his writing in “My Story: Justice in the Wilderness” that the charges against him were “deliberately designed”.

“If we read Tommy Thomas’ writing, it is clear that these charges were deliberately designed to humiliate, to bring down and to overthrow not only the individual but also the organisation or political party he leads,” he said.

“That is clear, although it was not said literally, it was implied in his writing. If I am wrong, please make a police report and have me investigated.”

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