Friday, January 21, 2022

Flood chaos in the Klang Valley

Continuous heavy rain leaves thousands displaced, destroying homes and property.

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A truck sits half-submerged in water below an overpass filled with vehicles caught in a traffic jam.

A man checks his belongings, wading through water up to his calves in his house in Kampung Delek Kanan in Klang.

A woman is reflected in a mirror hanging on the wall as she emerges from her bedroom where water has risen to nearly knee-level.

A man holds a cat he has rescued in Kampung Delek Kanan as rain continues to fall.

Two men wade through knee-deep flood waters as Sungai Langat overflows its banks due to the continuous heavy rain.

An elderly lady sits in front of her house in Bukit Dukung, looking at the murky water covering her entire front yard.

Water seeps into shop houses in a town in Balakong, threatening to submerge a small roadside shrine.

A boy carries a plastic stool through a tunnel filling with water due to the floods after undergoing circumcision in Kampung Sungai Balak.

Children splash about in the water outside their house.

Men look out at the flood water from the balcony of their second floor in Kampung Sungai Serai in Hulu Langat.

A man tries to keep his phone above water as he struggles to keep his balance in chest-high water in Kampung Sungai Serai.

Rescue workers help villagers evacuate.

More rescue workers evacuate a group of children who had been trapped by the floods in Kampung Sungai Serai.

Volunteers distribute food and water to flood victims.

A man changes his baby’s diaper at a flood relief centre in Klang.

A vegetable farm ruined by the floods lies covered in mud at Kampung Jawa in Hulu Langat.

Vehicles including a four-wheel drive lie overturned where the strong currents washed them away during the flood at Kampung Jawa in Hulu Langat.

Villagers at Kampung Masjid in Hulu Langat start cleaning up their homes after the flood waters subside.

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