Thursday, October 22, 2020

At home, but eyes on the job

Mohd Rafiz Zainal has two decades of experience as an optician and has worked with major brands involved in the profession. Still, it was tough when he finally ventured out on his own as he could not get a loan for the expensive equipment he needed. Today, though, he runs a successful optician shop, right from his living room.

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Rafiz’s wife Rusydina Norman, who is also an optician, helps her husband check a customer’s eyesight at their ‘shophouse’.

Setting up shop at home allows Rafiz and Rusydina to keep an eye on both their children and their optical business.

The optical test lens, a crucial tool to verify eyesight problems, requires skill to operate.

Marking the size and shape of a lens before it is cut requires precision – one mistake and the whole lens is considered damaged.

Only those who are well trained can handle the drilling process.

Equipment is expensive, and Rafiz remembers when he could not get a loan to buy the machines needed for his business.

Rafiz also offers doorstep service. A worker loads equipment into a vehicle for an appointment with a customer.

His customers include government officers who find his service more affordable than that of other established franchises but for the same quality.

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