Friday, October 22, 2021


Taliban disperse women protesters with gunfire in Kabul

The women had gathered outside a high school in eastern Kabul demanding the right for girls to return to secondary school.

Taliban to ‘temporarily’ adopt monarchy constitution, with caveats

Anything in the text found to conflict with shariah law and the principles of the Islamic Emirate will be discarded.

Indian man accused of attempted rape given 6 months’ laundry duty for bail

Lalan Kumar will have to buy detergent and other items needed to provide six months of free laundry services to about 2,000 women in the village of Majhor in Bihar state.

Afghan women should not work alongside men, senior Taliban figure says

It is unclear to what extent Waheedullah Hashimi's comments reflect the new government's policies, although they appear to go further than public comments made by some other officials.

Veiled protest: Afghan women rally in support of the Taliban

About 300 women waved Taliban flags as speakers railed against the West and expressed support for the Islamists' policies.

Taliban order university women to wear face-covering niqab

The decree applies to private colleges and universities, which have mushroomed since the Taliban's first rule ended in 2001.

Afghan girls return to school in Herat after Taliban takeover

Publicly, the Taliban are attempting to push the narrative that they have watered down some of their more extreme positions.

Popstar pays fine for women’s handball team who wore shorts instead of bikini bottoms

Many sportswomen are taking a stand against being little more than a parade of eye candy for the spectators.

Muslim women offered for sale in fake India ‘auction’

Delhi police have filed charges – but against unknown persons because they do not know the identity of the perpetrators.

Special committee says ready to discuss suicides among women and children

Its chairman Azalina Othman Said says this will help the government find a solution to the issue.

Turkey quits treaty aiming to prevent violence against women

Erdogan’s Islam-oriented party had advocated for a review of the agreement, arguing it is inconsistent with Turkey's conservative Muslim values.

Pakistan PM’s British ex-wife condemns him blaming skimpy clothes for rape

However, several of Pakistan's female lawmakers have sprung to Khan’s defence.

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