Thursday, June 24, 2021

US Navy

Muslim, Jewish sailors sue US Navy for banning religious beards

The sailors maintain that the navy has a 'robust tradition of bearded sailors' and the ban is recent.

Russia and China warn US Navy to steer clear as warships near both ‘backyards’

Moscow and Beijing are separately accusing Washington of provocative behaviour over Ukraine and Taiwan.

US to send more warships to South China Sea, Philippines ambassador says

Earlier this month, an estimated 200 Chinese fishing vessels positioned themselves around the Philippines-claimed Whitsun Reef.

US Navy in South China Sea not good for peace, says Beijing as aircraft carrier group sails in

The US carrier group was demonstrating 'freedom of the seas', the US military said, just days after Joe Biden became US president.

US warships sail through Taiwan Strait for second time this month

Beijing regards any US Navy movements through the Taiwan Strait and South China Sea as a deliberate provocation.

‘Trespassing’ US Navy destroyer ‘expelled’ from South China Sea, says China

The US warship claimed it was exercising 'freedom of navigation' as it sailed by the Spratly Islands which are claimed by China and other nations.

US and Israeli subs send message to Iran by prowling strategic waters

The US Navy says the presence of the sub demonstrates America's readiness to defend against any regional threat at any time.

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