Saturday, December 4, 2021


Hack exposed personal data of entire Swiss town, report says

Data included names, addresses, dates of birth, social security numbers and residency permit information for non-Swiss nationals, among others.

Over 130 in Switzerland contract Covid-19 after both doses of vaccine

Most of them were aged 80 and over.

Swiss outlaw face coverings in narrow vote on ‘burqa ban’

Although Islam was not mentioned, posters for the Yes campaign showed threatening looking women in black niqabs, and warned of Islamic extremism.

Ban on full facial coverings to be put to vote in Switzerland

The ban would mean that nobody could cover their face completely in public – whether in shops or the open countryside, although exceptions will be made for places of worship.

‘Highly unlikely’ 91-year-old woman died due to vaccine jab, say Swiss authorities

The Swissmedic regulatory authority says the timing of the death, five days after the woman received the vaccine, was a coincidence.

British tourists sneak out of Swiss ski resort

Some of the British tourists affected in Verbier left immediately, while others stuck it out for a bit before quitting.

Swiss admit blundering after first Covid wave

Health minister says the Swiss approach put emphasis on personal responsibility but that it did not work.

Swiss cheesed off over Covid-19 threat to fondue cheer

By tradition, Swiss cheese fondue is eaten by dipping in bread with long-handled forks, with several friends or relatives joining in and sharing the same pot.

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