Friday, May 27, 2022


Shanghai to gradually reopen schools in June as lockdown eases

Students will get swabbed on campus after school every day, with results from their PCR tests available by the next morning.

Apple’s iPhone development schedule delayed by China lockdowns, report says

In the worst-case scenario, Apple expects the manufacturing schedule and initial production volumes of the new phones to be hurt, the Nikkei business daily reports.

Beijing ramps up Covid quarantine, Shanghai residents decry uneven rules

Even as China's drastic attempts to eradicate Covid entirely bite into prospects for the world's second-biggest economy, new reported infection numbers remain well below levels seen in many Western cities.

Beijing urges millions to keep working from home amid Covid outbreak menace

The curbs in Beijing, Shanghai and elsewhere in China are leaving behind significant economic damage and disruption to global supply chains and international trade.

Shanghai detects new infections after five days of ‘zero Covid’

The commercial hub of 25 million found three new cases outside quarantined areas in one district on May 19.

‘Huge’ pressure for Shanghai to stay Covid-free as end to lockdown looms

The commercial hub of 25 million achieved a fourth consecutive day without any new infections in the community, holding on to its prized 'zero Covid' status and keeping alive hopes for an imminent end to lockdown misery.

Shanghai achieves ‘zero Covid’ status but normal life remains weeks away

By June, the lockdown should be lifted, but residents will still be asked to get tested frequently.

Covid-hit Shanghai announces gradual reopening of businesses

But it remains unclear when the millions of people still locked down in China's economic capital will finally be allowed out of their homes.

Shanghai targets June Covid lockdown exit as China economy slumps

The restrictions, increasingly out of step with the rest of the world, which has been lifting Covid rules even as infections spread, are also sending shockwaves through global supply chains and international trade.

Beijing works from home, Shanghai says victory against Covid getting closer

Beijing officials deny rumours of sweeping, Shanghai-style lockdown measures, urging people not to panic-buy but to stay at home.

Shanghai hunts down Covid cases, Beijing curbs taxi services

The Chinese commercial hub of 25 million people has in recent days been tightening its lockdown for a final push to eradicate the virus by the end of the month, having made some significant progress, according to data this week.

Luxury brands navigate Shanghai’s lockdown to keep VIPs pampered

Shanghai has seen some of the strictest containment measures worldwide while some buildings and even entire streets have been fenced off.

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