Monday, December 6, 2021


Jordan jails hospital chief over Covid deaths

Abdel Razak al-Khashman and four aides were convicted of 'causing the deaths' at the Salt state hospital where 10 patients died after it ran out of oxygen.

India ‘prepares for the worst’ ahead of possible Covid third wave

Beds have been added at facilities around the country, and hospitals are working to ensure ample supplies of oxygen.

UK warns Covid monitor devices work less well for darker skin

Health authorities refer to reports that pulse oximeters may show higher readings of the oxygen level in the blood for people with darker skin.

Desperate search for oxygen in Myanmar as latest Covid wave hits

The spike in cases is the latest blow to Myanmar, already suffering from a February coup and a bloody crackdown on dissent that has killed over 900 people and gutted the economy.

Indonesia imports oxygen as hospitals battered by Covid-19

Indonesia's overwhelmed healthcare system is reeling as jammed hospitals turn away patients, forcing desperate families to hunt for oxygen tanks to treat the sick and dying at home.

In Brazil, more than 80% of intubated Covid patients die

Brazil's average daily death toll from Covid-19 has nearly quadrupled since the start of the year, to more than 2,600.

Brazil’s 24-hour Covid deaths surpass 3,000 for first time

Brazil's overall death toll is now nearly 299,000, second only to the US.

In Peru, people line up day and night for life-saving oxygen

Hundreds of man-sized oxygen cylinders line the street outside the factory, each bearing the name of the person who brought it.

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