Thursday, October 21, 2021

mental health

Nearly 224,000 calls to support line for emotional relief and counselling

Issues brought up include job loss, no source of income, family conflicts and interpersonal relationship problems.

Family struggles through the slow decline of dementia

Thalia's father has been living with dementia for 15 years now, and things appear to have taken a turn for the worse.

Not just for fun: Behind the tourist surge to Langkawi

Psychologists say many have been under pressure since the start of the pandemic and need a way to release their stress.

Mental health experts urge sensitivity after Sarawak suicide

They also warn against sharing footage of the man's death, saying it could cause suicide contagion.

Happy Bank races to feed where pandemic starves

With many facing financial and social difficulties brought on by the Covid-19 crisis, NGOs are striving to do what they can.

Growing interest in mental health services, stress-relieving products, study finds

Scented candles, adult colouring books and therapy lamps have all seen a surge in Google searches.

Keep a tab on social media use, mental health group warns amid hike in suicides

While social media can be useful for keeping in touch with loved ones during the pandemic, Malaysians are warned against 'pointlessly surfing'.

WHO warns of ‘long-term’ Covid impact on mental health

The pandemic has shaken the world, WHO says.

Oil rig workers all at sea under weight of pandemic measures

Some have not seen their families for the better part of a year thanks to schedule disruptions and mandatory quarantine periods.

Unicef voices concern over child suicides in Malaysia

The UN agency says the Covid-19 pandemic and mitigation efforts such as lockdowns have had negative effects on the mental health of many.

Provisions for suicide prevention needed in lockdown plans

Never have Malaysians witnessed the despair of so many jobless, hungry and homeless people.

Pandemic stress could stick around for a long time, psychologists warn

Fear, anxiety and 'Covid-19 fatigue' all contribute to a decline in mental and emotional well-being.

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