Monday, September 27, 2021


Germans vote in close election to decide Merkel successor

Angela Merkel has been in power since 2005 but plans to step down after the election, making the vote an era-changing event to set the future course of Europe's largest economy.

Shock in Germany after cashier shot dead in mask row

The suspect who is said to have shot the cashier in the head told police he felt 'cornered' by the restrictions which he saw as an 'ever-growing infringement on his rights'.

German companies can’t ask about employees’ vaccine status, says minister

Germany has strict data privacy laws because of its history of Nazi and Communist state surveillance of citizens, meaning that companies have no right to find out about health issues relating to their staff.

Germany to end Afghanistan aid if Taliban take power

Germany sends Afghanistan €430 million in aid a year, making it one of the biggest donors to the strife-hit nation.

Thousands in Germany may have received saline instead of Covid-19 vaccine

This follows reports that an employee at a vaccination centre had filled at least six syringes with saline solution, which police say were 'not isolated cases'.

Germany to end free Covid tests to boost jab take-up

Critics accuse the government of using tests as a tool to pressure the population to get jabbed.

Germany to offer Covid booster shots from September

Authorities have also agreed to make the coronavirus vaccine more widely available to over-12s, going a step further than the country's vaccines regulator.

German warship heads for South China Sea, raising tension with Beijing

Germany is sailing into choppy seas as China is now Berlin’s most important trading partner.

Explosion at German chemical complex declared extreme threat

First responders say at least 16 people were injured and five remain missing, but the toll is expected to rise.

Germans divided over barring unvaccinated from certain venues

Germany's vaccine efforts have slowed in recent weeks, leading to discussions about how best to encourage those who haven’t yet received a vaccine to do so.

More than 33 dead and dozens missing in record German floods

Police helicopters and hundreds of soldiers have been deployed to help stranded residents, many waiting on their rooftops to be rescued.

Germany vows no more lockdowns for vaccinated people

More than 55.1% of German adults, or 45.8 million people, have had at least one Covid shot with over 37% fully vaccinated.

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