Monday, June 21, 2021

climate change

Post-pandemic world will send carbon emissions through the roof, say experts

Only adopting a greener lifestyle during lockdown will reduce emissions and prevent old environmental problems returning.

Biden’s Earth Day summit shows US is serious about climate change again

It's expected that the US will unveil an updated carbon pledge that will see its emissions nearly halved by 2030.

Drought threatens Taiwan’s chip industry, critical for world computers

The government is rationing water and has tried cloud seeding and rain worshipping ceremonies.

China, US pledge action on climate change

The US admitted it has big disagreements with China on some key issues but said climate has to stand alone.

China absent from key online climate change meeting of 35 countries

Not only is China the world's biggest carbon emitter but it also likes to portray itself as a key ally for developing countries.

Two-thirds of world see ‘climate emergency’, UN survey shows

The large majority of those who do recognise a climate emergency want urgent and comprehensive action, says Oxford sociologist.

Covid-19, economic impact are top global threats, says World Economic Forum

The Covid-19 outbreak remains a short-term threat while the bigger issue in the long term is climate change.

Xi says China aiming for carbon neutrality in 40 years

Coronavirus has prompted China to fight against global warming.

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