Wednesday, January 26, 2022

climate change

Over RM300 billion needed for long-term flood management, says environment minister

The proposed long-term solutions will be implemented in phases for 50 years.

Govt seeks US$3 million in UN climate adaptation funds amid deadly floods

The funds are the first time the government has sought any money for climate adaptation, which are policies that a country puts in place to deal with climate change effects.

Rolls-Royce launches nuclear reactor business

The British government, which is currently hosting the UN climate change summit in Glasgow, aims to reach net zero carbon by 2050 with the help of nuclear.

2021 global CO2 emissions near record levels

Emissions from gas and highly polluting coal will have risen this year by more than they dropped in 2020 due to the pandemic-driven economic slowdown.

The Glasgow climate test and humanity’s code red

People rightly expect their governments to lead, but we all have a responsibility to safeguard our collective future.

South America’s second longest river is drying up, baffling experts

The decrease has become so drastic that it is affecting commercial shipping, electricity generation, fishing, tourism, as well as the provision of water for drinking and irrigation.

Haj pilgrims face growing heatstroke risks

Climate scientists say that rising temperatures could 'compromise the very essence of Islam'.

‘Wobbly’ moon may lead to record flooding on Earth, says Nasa

With sea-level rise due to climate change, the next high tide floods are expected to be more intense and more frequent than ever before.

Post-pandemic world will send carbon emissions through the roof, say experts

Only adopting a greener lifestyle during lockdown will reduce emissions and prevent old environmental problems returning.

Biden’s Earth Day summit shows US is serious about climate change again

It's expected that the US will unveil an updated carbon pledge that will see its emissions nearly halved by 2030.

Drought threatens Taiwan’s chip industry, critical for world computers

The government is rationing water and has tried cloud seeding and rain worshipping ceremonies.

China, US pledge action on climate change

The US admitted it has big disagreements with China on some key issues but said climate has to stand alone.

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