Monday, September 27, 2021


Canada foreign minister says eyes ‘wide open’ on normalising China ties

He says Canada will compete with China on issues like trade and cooperate on climate change, while challenging it on its treatment of the Uighur, Tibetans and Hong Kong as Ottawa has done in the past.

Huawei executive freed in Canada after deal with US prosecutors

The resolution of the case removes a deep thorn in the relationship between Beijing, Washington and Ottawa, with China accusing the US of a political attack on one of the Asian giant's technology titans.

Canada police seek man who punched nurse over wife’s Covid-19 jab

Police say it was not clear whether the suspect opposed vaccinations or whether his wife had in fact been inoculated at the same pharmacy.

Trudeau set to win minority govt in Canada election

It was an uphill battle for him to convince Canadians to stick with his Liberals after falling short of high expectations set in his 2015 landslide win.

Canadians head to the polls in pandemic election

After six years in power, Justin Trudeau's administration is showing signs of fatigue.

Canadian PM pelted with gravel at campaign stop

Justin Trudeau, members of his security detail and journalists were reportedly struck.

Canada PM Trudeau calls Sept 20 snap election

Trudeau was re-elected to office in 2019 but lost his majority in his second term, amid scandals.

Canada to mandate Covid jabs for govt workers

A deadline for inoculations for some 300,000 public servants will be announced in the coming weeks.

China jails Canadian for 11 years for spying

China has been accused of detaining two Canadians as bargaining chips to be used in the case of a Huawei executive arrested in Canada.

Deal agreed for unknown number of children of ‘baby god’ fertility doctor who used own sperm

The truth came to light after children started suffering from inherited diseases nobody else in their family had.

Western Canada declares fire emergency as evacuations climb

British Columbia has nearly 300 active wildfires, spurred by hot, dry weather that is expected to continue in the coming days.

Canada’s Hong Kong diaspora helps new arrivals adapt to life in exile

The harsh new security law is sending thousands of anti-Beijing activists fleeing to the West.

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