Sunday, April 18, 2021


Canadian MP caught naked on camera during official session

Fellow MP says this is a 'warning to everyone' to ensure that they're appropriately dressed whenever they wander near a camera.

Pandemic causing foreign meddling in Canada to hit Cold War levels, says spy agency

Spy chiefs link the jump in foreign espionage to the increasing number of people working from home because of the pandemic.

China court appearances this week for 2 Canadians charged with spying

US President Joe Biden has promised to work with Canada to ensure the men's safe return.

Pandemic prompts Canada to offer route to citizenship for more people

Pandemic travel restrictions mean the Canadian government will likely not be able to attract its target of a record 401,000 new permanent residents in 2021.

Palm oil churns trouble in Canadian ‘hard butter’ puzzle

The pandemic has increased demand for butter, so farmers are feeding extra palm oil derivatives to their cows to produce more milk fat.

Indigenous tribes first for Covid-19 jabs in Canadian rollout

Authorities are trying to overcome mistrust arising from decades of ill treatment of native people by the Canadian government.

Casino boss, wife lose big after jetting in to jump queue for Covid jabs

They flew in a private plane to a remote northern indigenous community specifically to get speedier shots.

In blow to PM Trudeau, queen’s representative in Canada quits after harassment allegations

Canada's opposition has accused the prime minister of not vetting his choice for the post thoroughly enough.

Chinese restaurant’s brutally honest menu generates clicks and crowds

The restaurant has a lot of traditional Chinese dishes on the menu, and customers would order things and discover they didn't like it.

Canada urges unity against China detentions, says all nations vulnerable

PM Justin Trudeau wants allies to continually raise the question of Beijing's coercive diplomacy.

Canadian leaders caught sunning on foreign beaches after telling everyone to stay home in the snow

More than a dozen high-profile politicians were caught taking beach vacations, causing a ferocious outcry from Canadians.

Iran to pay families of passengers on Ukranian airliner it shot down

Iran at first denied responsibility before finally admitting Revolutionary Guards had made a 'disastrous mistake'.

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