Saturday, April 10, 2021


Time to rethink the culture of collecting and sharing personal data

Much of the information collected by companies is not even necessary for the running of its business, but many customers give it up without a second thought.

Israel re-opens restaurants, bars with 40% of country fully vaccinated

Israel launched its green pass programme last month, allowing controlled numbers of people with proof of full vaccination or who have recovered from Covid-19 to enter gyms, pools and other facilities.

Less formal, more comfortable: pandemic transforms work attire

According to employees at several companies, the casualness has happened by itself without management or HR teams intervening.

No total economic shutdown during MCO, says Ismail Sabri

He says this would have a negative impact on petty traders who are struggling to stay afloat.

Mydin boss tells why he’s no believer in online shopping

Ameer Ali Mydin says only 'two multinational suppliers' benefit from e-commerce.

Miti calls for alternatives to bringing back full lockdown

It suggests tightening SOPs and boosting targeted testing as well as making this more affordable and carrying it out on a larger scale.

Minister shares rationale behind green light for ‘non-essential’ gold stores

Minister Alexander Nanta Linggi says the permission to continue operating granted to goldsmiths and jewellers is not intended to benefit the wealthy.

Govt lists 37 businesses under essential sectors during MCO

They include companies involved in the construction, services, trade and distribution sectors as well as plantations and commodities.

Malaysia’s biggest shopping paradise re-opens

Traders attempt to revive their businesses at Nilai 3, after months of lockdown and various restrictions due to Covid-19.

Survival of the fittest as hiring picks up again

Evolution this time will see those able to adapt to new pandemic norms getting ahead.

Pandemic taking a toll on workers’ rights, say lawyers, activists

Workers are more aware of their rights but still fear employers taking advantage of them.

Still standing, businesses fear death knell of ‘MCO 2’ amid spike in Covid-19

Businesses which have managed to recoup some of their losses fear that a second MCO would bury them.

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