Tuesday, September 21, 2021


Fulfilling moral duty or being punished for profits: The windfall tax dilemma

Mixed reactions arise to a suggestion that companies reaping huge profits during the pandemic pay more tax.

Let corporate offices reopen alongside factories, bosses urge govt

The Malaysian Employers Federation says operations become ineffective when factory offices are allowed to reopen but corporate offices must remain closed.

Bosses group hopes for better days after Cabinet announcement

The Malaysian Employers Federation welcomes the decision to leave the finance and human resources ministries unchanged.

Employers question longer quarantine, fortnightly Covid tests for workers under new SOPs

The Malaysian Employers Federation says the extra costs and stress brought on by the requirements appear at odds with the goal of easing movement restrictions for the fully vaccinated.

Business confidence weakens in Q3 2021

Most sectors are anticipating unfavourable business conditions for Q3 2021 in light of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Further easing of business SOPs in Phase Two states

Trade and distribution sub-sectors can resume operations even if the state in question has yet to fully vaccinate 50% of its adult population.

11 types of businesses can re-open from tomorrow

This is contingent on the conditions and SOPs earlier set.

Covid jabs to be made mandatory for all retail workers

Domestic Trade and Consumer Affairs Minister Alexander Nanta Linggi says this will be made a prerequisite for companies to be given approval to resume operations.

Two months and counting for migrant workers unable to work

They have cut down their meals to one a day, waiting for the time when they can go back to work.

Artists plead for show to go on during lockdown

They say art is a cultural asset and that exhibitions should be allowed to continue as there is no telling when the pandemic will end.

Classifying businesses as essential and non-essential no way to fight Covid, says retail tycoon

Ameer Ali Mydeen says businesses should be grouped according to their Covid-19 risk, adding that many now classified as 'non-essential' are collapsing under the present lockdown.

Covid-19 turns Sarawak palm sugar business sour

Demand for gula apong has dropped drastically since the various lockdowns and restrictions on movements were enforced.

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