Thursday, June 30, 2022


Indonesia bar chain shut after blasphemy charges over drinks promotion

The drinks promotion at the 'Holywings' chain prompted a police investigation after complaints by religious groups.

Indonesian police arrest 6 for ‘blasphemy’ over bar promotion

Several youth organisations reported the management to police for allegedly committing blasphemy, while other groups threatened to raid the bar chain's locations.

Protests rock Nigerian city after blasphemy killing

Muslim youths took to the streets of the city, lighting bonfires and demanding the release of the two detained suspects.

Lynch mob stones mentally ill man to death in Pakistan

The lynching happened after it was alleged that the victim had burned some pages of the Quran.

Sri Lankan factory manager lynched and set on fire in Pakistan

Local media say the incident was linked to alleged blasphemy, a galvanising issue in Pakistan where even the slightest suggestion of an insult to Islam can supercharge protests and incite lynchings.

Troops deployed after mob attacks Pakistan Hindu temple over ‘blasphemy boy’

The mob was enraged after a boy aged eight, accused of blasphemy, was released on bail.

11 convicted of cyberbullying French teen with death threats over anti-Islam videos

The case addressed sensitive issues in France, from the effects of cyberbullying to attitudes to religious minorities.

Pakistani lawyer who stands up for ‘blasphemers’ says he faces threats to his life

Blasphemy is a deeply emotive topic in Muslim-majority Pakistan and is legally punishable by death.

Nigerian boy jailed 10 years for blasphemy to go free after appeal

A secular appeals court overturned the shariah court's sentence, saying the child was just a minor.

Italy football player banned one match for blasphemy

Bryan Cristante was sanctioned for swearing after he conceded an own goal during Sunday’s 5-1 Serie A win over Bologna.

Lawyer discovers Nigerian boy, 13, imprisoned for blasphemy

Omar Farouq was convicted in a shariah court after he was accused of using foul language toward Allah in an argument with a friend.

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