Thursday, October 21, 2021


Govt stands firm on restrictions for anti-vaxxers

Defence Minister Hishammuddin Hussein says such people should not think that the flexibility given to those who are vaccinated will also apply to them.

A message from doctors to anti-vaxxers

Those who are eligible for vaccination against Covid-19 but refuse to get jabbed will only be making life more difficult for themselves.

Health ministry plans to meet with anti-vaccine groups

Deputy Health Minister Dr Noor Azmi Ghazali says the vaccination programme was carried out after taking into consideration local and international studies.

Khairy scoffs at Anwar’s claim that govt failed to rebut anti-vaxxers

He says the government has presented scientific evidence on the vaccines from the very beginning.

Life will be difficult for anti-vaxxers, Khairy warns

He cites restrictions on those who choose not to get vaccinated, as well as the implementation of regular tests for which they will have to pay.

Health ministry lodges police reports on anti-vaxx groups over fake news

Health Minister Khairy Jamaluddin voices hope for quick follow-up action, including investigation and prosecution against the groups for spreading false information.

To jab or not, still a question for many, say experts

But they say there is a difference between anti-vaxxers and those who are merely sceptical about the vaccines.

No decision yet on giving children Covid jabs, says Khairy

He also says the health ministry is considering making vaccination mandatory to address the issue of anti-vaxxers.

New York charges ‘AntiVaxMomma’ over US$200 fake vaccine cards

Jasmine Clifford is accused of selling approximately 250 forged cards through her Instagram account @AntiVaxMomma.

More clinics report offers from anti-vaxxers looking to beat the system

One doctor says those who approach him for fake certificates are mostly well-educated urbanites.

Anti-vaxxers offering clinics cash for fake certs as more SOPs eased

Such people are attempting to obtain proof of Covid-19 vaccination without having to be jabbed.

Flawed scientific papers fuelling Covid-19 misinformation

Once the paper is published, the damage is irrevocable, says one expert.

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