Sunday, February 14, 2021

Stop dicking around – the Covid jab goes in your arm and nowhere else

Claims that a CNN report advised injecting the virus into the penis went viral despite being rapidly debunked.

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A “scientific” report advising men to inject the Covid-19 vaccine into their penis for faster release of the dose in the body has gone viral on social media.

However, the report has now been found to be fake and based on a photoshopped image rather than any scientific study, reports the International Business Times.

Pfizer and Moderna rolled out their vaccines late last year and since then they have been subject to a series of fake claims. For example, rumours circulated that the Pfizer vaccine caused sterilisation in women and genetic mutation in unborn children.

The latest fake report, which appeared to be from CNN, carried an illustration showing the procedure and alleged right spot for injecting the Covid-19 vaccine into the penis.

The screenshot that has gone viral on social media appears to be taken from the CNN report headlined: “Doctors Encourage Covid-19 Vaccine Injections in Penis.”

The article begins: “Doctors are discovering that for male patients, the penis offers the fastest release of the vaccine throughout the body.”

Lending authenticity to the fake clipping, the screenshot also featured the first line of the article which reads: “Based on findings from a University of California study involving 1,500 men who received the vaccine…”

The report also featured a photo of a doctor, who was later identified as Mohit Kumar Ardeshana, a California-based doctor of internal medicine.

Debunking the claim, Snopes reported that CNN did not produce the article and the illustration used in the screenshot was from an instruction manual for penile self-injection as a treatment for erectile dysfunction. The image was taken from the website of a Kansas City, Missouri health system, according to the fact-checking website.

Speaking to Boom, another fact-checking website, the featured doctor Ardeshana denied making any such claim or being part of the study, saying, “The article is completely fake. I have not said anything about such a study. It is a work of mischief by someone.”

Despite the claim being a hoax it was shared widely on social media, prompting furious discussions.

“I would encourage these doctors to try it on themselves in their balls,” responded one user. “I don’t know if it improves the vaccination but surely they deserve such advanced treatment themselves.”

“They’re laughing at us, same as the toilet paper frenzy. Just seeing how far their manipulation strategies will get them,” tweeted another user.

According to the Centres for Disease Control and Prevention, the vaccine is supposed to be administered on the upper arm. A nasal vaccine for Covid-19 is also in the works but it is still in the research phase.

There is no mention of a vaccine that can be injected in the penis.

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