Sunday, October 25, 2020

No flights to nowhere but Singapore Airlines has 3 new earthbound experiences for fans

Environmental concerns meant Singapore Airlines bosses vetoed flights to nowhere.

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While Covid-19 keeps Singapore Airlines (SIA) firmly on the ground, the company has devised ways for fans to keep in touch.

Bosses had mooted the idea of flights to nowhere but after conducting a market study and a review that looked into factors such as environmental implications and financial viability they thought that idea wouldn’t fly.

Instead, the airline has come up with three alternative SIA experiences, announced on Oct 1.

The three experiences are: lunch on board an earthbound Airbus A380 super-jumbo; a tour of SIA’s training facilities with an optional session in a flight simulator; and home delivery of meals from its first and business class menus.

SIA chief executive Goh Choon Phong said the new initiatives will allow the airline to engage its fans and customers.

For the onboard dining experience, an A380 at Changi Airport will be converted into a restaurant. A three-hour lunch in economy will cost S$50, but the bill will be as high as S$600 for the first-class experience.

In the tour of the SIA Training Centre, visitors will talk to pilots and cabin crew about their training and visit SIA’s flight simulators. Simulator sessions with pilot trainers, and grooming workshops conducted by SIA’s cabin crew trainers will also be available.

Having SIA meals delivered to your doorstep will not come cheap. Prices will start from just under S$300 for a business class meal for two, rising to S$450 for a meal from the first-class galley. All meals will come with goody bags, wine, and instructions on how to plate the dishes.

These experiences will be offered on limited dates. The company will assess the level of demand before deciding whether to launch additional dates or experiences.

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