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Woman falls from car window on to motorway while videoing

Miraculously, she avoided serious harm or death and was treated for minor injuries.

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Selfie-taking can be a dangerous activity. Photo: Pexels
Selfie-taking can be a dangerous activity. Photo: Pexels

A woman fell out of a moving car on the M25 motorway south of London while attempting to film a Snapchat video in the early hours of Sept 19.

Police officers at the scene said the unnamed woman was dangling out of the car window in an attempt to capture a shot.

They said the woman, who miraculously avoided serious harm or death, was treated for minor injuries at the scene by paramedics.

No arrests were made, according to multiple media sources.

“No one expects to be dodging human bodies on a motorway, and an emergency stop may have caused a serious pile-up and loss of life,” a concerned citizen wrote on Twitter.

“Absolutely thoughtless. No concern for others or the emergency services,” another posted.

Artistic reasons notwithstanding, in the quest for the perfect video shot, it is generally considered safer to stay inside a moving car.

It has not been reported if the woman was filming the traffic, the scenery or taking a selfie.

CNN reports that some 259 people worldwide died while taking selfies between 2011 and 2017, according to a study published in the Journal of Family Medicine and Primary Care.

Researchers found that the most selfie deaths occurred in India, followed by Russia, the US and Pakistan. Most of the victims were men and under the age of 30.

Last year, four members of the same family drowned at a dam in India after slipping into the water while trying to take a selfie.