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A letter to the PM

Prime Minister Anwar Ibrahim is urged to tackle genuine issues, bridge gaps, and channel energy into progress.

Just A Malaysian
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Dear Prime Minister Anwar Ibrahim,

I'm penning this letter with sincerity and directness, without the need for academic language. It pains me to say that you have been a disappointment to many. The promise of a new and great Malaysia seems non-existent. Your shifting stances have left us puzzled. Are you a reformist, a nationalist, or a faith defender? It's confusing to see you try to be everything all at once.

Being true to oneself is paramount, unless it's a facade for a lack of conviction or true greatness. Malaysians aren't seeking a grand prime minister; they yearn for hope and a brighter future. Focus on the right path. 

Since assuming office, substantial reforms have been scarce, almost zero. Status quo remains. The term "tatakelola" loses meaning. Worse, you've appointed yourself as finance minister and your daughter as an adviser and to the Petronas committee. Do you underestimate the public's discernment?

Your frequent self-praise lacks substance without concrete achievements. Rally speeches brimming with accolades are unimpressive. True greatness manifests in actions, not words. Your globetrotting and billions in investments announcements ring hollow. Ministerial direction is amiss; consider the agriculture portfolio, where the person responsible for food security lacks competence.

Time is fleeting; at 76, you'll be 80 by term's end. Engage in reform now, or risk being remembered for the resurgence of PAS, dragging us back decades. Cease attention-seeking behaviours; prioritise substantial work. Your involvement in religion conversions and meetings with students raise concerns. Cheap gimmicks undermine credibility. What's wrong with you?

Your time is limited; don't chase popularity. Tackle genuine issues, bridge gaps, and channel your energy into progress. The disappointment extends beyond Dr Mahathir – it includes you. You have four years; don't squander them. Wake up, you don't have the opportunity for a second term. The world has changed and your inferiorities are becoming obvious to many. 

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