Monday, May 23, 2022

Not everyone is a frontliner

Championing one group or another as 'frontliners' and deserving of vaccination first causes others to be pushed down the line.

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In our current Covid-19 vaccination programme, there are many innocent, quiet folks being left behind. We have cases of people registering since February but who have yet to even get a first or second dose. Every one of us knows of such instances.

I believe our politicians let the MySejathera queueing process be messed up by a scenario of “who shouts the loudest about being a frontliner”.

The only true frontliners that matter are the doctors and nurses of our public health system. And only them.

Everyone else should just have to wait for their turn.

I do not believe our political representatives are frontliners. So too our civil service. So too our manufacturing. So too our retail sector. So too our teachers. So too our hawkers and SMEs, and so on and so forth. No one realises that all these are pushing innocent folks further down the queue.

We should all have to wait for our turn.

Instead, every day we hear of someone championing some group as frontliners. The latest example that triggered me was Lim Guan Eng asking for 20,000 doses for hawkers etc in Penang. This is the wrong time to hog the limelight as champions.

What everyone should understand is that this is a zero sum game. Asking for 20,000 doses here means that someone somewhere else could be deprived of the 20,000 doses. Can all our politicians really say they are medically competent to judge who deserves more and who deserves less?

All of us should just let our best medical minds run the show and stay the hell out.

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