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Let’s stop the finger-pointing and do our part

It is time for us all to make sacrifices and stop blaming the prime minister for everything.

Alex Chung
3 minute read

It is always easy to sit at home and dish out whatever comes to mind without even giving it a second thought.

Being a keyboard warrior is easy and very often, the one that falls victim is the government of the day.

In Malaysia, we have thousands of these keyboard warriors, many of whom have not even lifted a finger to help others but are very quick to point fingers at them.

From as far back as I can remember, even during the Pakatan Harapan administration, these keyboard warriors had nothing good to say, similar to the time when Barisan Nasional was in power until now, during Perikatan Nasional’s administration.

From what I gather, these people probably think running a nation is pretty easy and that things get done with the push of a button.

We must admit that a big reason why our Covid-19 figures are sky-rocketing of late is because of our own “tidak apa” attitude.

The government, even Muhyiddin Yassin himself, pleaded with Malaysians not to travel and visit their families during the recent Hari Raya celebrations, but how many actually listened and obeyed?

Very few gave any thought to what the repercussions would be and decided to fight tooth and nail to get back to their kampung.

So, is it fair right now for us to call the prime minister all kinds of names? When will those concerned realise that fighting a pandemic is a joint effort, and that Muhyiddin alone cannot do magic?

Deciding between the devil and the deep blue sea is not an easy task, similar to deciding on a lockdown and balancing the economy.

On one hand, during Ramadan, the government had to contain the virus and at the same time, Ramadan bazaar operators and the likes were breathing down their neck.

So, when the government finally gave in to the Ramadan bazaars, it was up to us to practise self-discipline and not abuse this privilege.

But as we all know, there was no such self-control and we are witnessing the aftermath of this and the illegal Hari Raya balik kampungs.

Administering vaccines alone is not going to solve the problem. Strict adherence to SOPs and self-discipline are equally important.

Pointing fingers at Muhyiddin and calling him names on social media brings no benefit to anyone.

Stop blaming someone else for your own faults. If each and every one of us pull up our socks and stay home instead of trying to outsmart the authorities, the figures would surely start dropping.

The current MCO 3.0 is probably the best balance between a lockdown and the economy, but even now some are still unhappy.

Even our health DG has called for us to impose self-lockdowns and this is something everyone should consider.

It is time for us all to make sacrifices and stop blaming Muhyiddin for everything – what else can he do if the people themselves do not play their part?

Even after obtaining the vaccinations, some are still reluctant to register and get vaccinated.

As a citizen, I am greatly puzzled over what some people actually want from the government. Are they expecting Muhyiddin to pull out a bunny from his hat and make everything go away?

The views expressed in this article are those of the author(s) and do not necessarily reflect the position of MalaysiaNow.

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