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Hannah Yeoh told to resign as MACC says 'no conflict' in state project for hubby's company

Former Penang DAP strongman P Ramasamy says Yeoh must be above cronyism and favouritism.

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Hannah Yeoh and husband Ramachandran Muniandy.
Hannah Yeoh and husband Ramachandran Muniandy.

Former Penang DAP strongman P Ramasamy has stepped up pressure on Hannah Yeoh as the youth and sports minister comes under  increasing criticism over the Selangor government's contract awarded to her husband's company without going through the open tender process.

This comes as the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) came to the defence of Asia Mobility Technologies Sdn Bhd, a company founded by Yeoh's husband Ramachandran Muniandy and the founder of pro-Pakatan Harapan portal Malaysiakini, Premesh Chandran.

"In the case of Hannah Yeoh's husband, based on what I read from media reports, he received a contract from the Selangor state government while she is the youth and sports minister," MACC chief commissioner Azam Baki was quoted by the New Straits Times as saying.

Asia Mobility is one of two companies appointed by the PH-led Selangor government to provide demand responsive transit (DRT) services in four localities under the Selangor Mobility programme.

Yeoh's links with Asia Mobility is seen as the latest in a series of appointments by PH at state and federal levels related to cronyism.

Ramasamy, who was Penang deputy chief minister for 15 years under the DAP state government, said either Yeoh or her husband should resign from their posts.

"To prevent embarrassment either Yeoh must resign as minister or Ramachandran quit the company," he said.

At the centre of the issue is not only the PH connection, but also the fact that the contract was awarded without a public tender.

Ramasamy said he was not questioning Asia Mobility's competence.

"The question is how could the project be awarded through direct negotiations when the principal officer or the CEO happens to be the husband of Yeoh.

"Yeoh is senior leader of the DAP, a party that strongly advocates open tenders and transparency in the award of government projects," said Ramasamy.

He said that as a federal minister, Yeoh must be "above cronyism and favouritism".

"Even if the selection committee was not aware of the family links been Yeoh and Ramachandran, Yeoh should have known better in advising her husband. She should advise him not to be involved in the project in the first place."

Ramasamy also took Premesh to task for his defence of the way his company was awarded the contract.

He reminded Premesh that Yeoh, through her husband, has an interest in a company that is awarded a government project.

"I am sure Premesh cannot discount this fact, the point of embarrassment for the Madani government at the federal and state level.

"Whatever the defence of the award of the project to
Asia Mobility, the project cannot be sustained politically.

"Either Yeoh has to resign from her post as a minister or the company should not accept the award of the project.

"Or, alternatively,Ramachandran should resign from the company," he added.