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Selangor police chief 'shifting goalposts' after feeling the heat in Azmin probe, says lawyer

The opposition politician's lawyer says Azmin was clearly summoned because of his speech in the state assembly and not because of leaked documents.

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Selangor opposition leader Mohamed Azmin Ali.
Selangor opposition leader Mohamed Azmin Ali.

A lawyer for Selangor Perikatan Nasional (PN) chairman Mohamed Azmin Ali has denied police claims that the opposition politician was being investigated for leaked documents, saying it was misinformation to avoid mounting criticism over a recent investigation against him.

Sasha Lyna Abdul Latif rejected the claim by Selangor police chief Hussein Omar Khan that Azmin had been summoned over leaked documents and not his speech to the Selangor state assembly on Feb 28.

"I can confirm that is in fact misinformation by the Selangor police chief in an attempt to avoid mounting criticism for breaching the state assembly’s privileges," she said in a statement.

She said a notice issued by the police officer in charge had stated that the date and time of the incident under investigation took place on Feb 28 at 3.30pm at the Selangor state assembly building.

"This itself is conclusive," she said, adding that her meetings with the investigating officer confirmed that the case had to do with remarks made by Azmin during a state assembly session.

On May 21, Hussein denied that Azmin was summoned for his speech as a member of the Selangor state assembly, claiming that it was about classified documents related to the Selangor State Development Corporation (PKNS)

"The investigation was started following a police report lodged on March 14 by a state development officer, who claimed that classified documents were leaked and several incorrect pieces of information were revealed to the public. He feared that it might tarnish the reputation of the PKNS," Hussein said amid growing criticism of the police action.

Sasha said the claim that the investigation was being conducted over leaked documents under Section 203A of the Penal Code "contradicts the police notice itself".

"Now that there is a backlash, the police seem to be shifting the goalposts," she added.

Azmin has since instructed his lawyers to file an application for judicial review to challenge the police action.

"I am also calling for a stop to any current or future investigation or action against state assemblymen," he had said.

Sasha said both the Selangor and Federal Constitutions protected elected MPs for statements they made in the state assembly.

"Therefore, we urge the police and the state and federal government to observe and respect the constitutionally guaranteed rights of Azmin and all other state assemblymen for immunity in relation to debates or statements made in the House or documents revealed therein, and cease all investigations and harassment against them," she added.