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Chinese daily makes amendments to Guan Eng's 'green wave' speech

The amended report, however, retains the DAP leader's warnings about the destruction of houses of worship and the curbs on non-Muslim rights under a new Penang government.

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DAP chairman Lim Guan Eng. Photo: Bernama
DAP chairman Lim Guan Eng. Photo: Bernama

Chinese-language daily China Press said it had amended a quote by Lim Guan Eng during the DAP chairman's controversial speech, in which he raised the spectre of religious freedoms and rights of non-Muslims being trampled upon should there be a change of government in Penang after the coming state polls.

In a statement published today, the paper said that after "re-listening" to the recording of Lim's speech, it had amended a passage, saying Lim had referred to "Indian temples" and not "Buddhist temples".

A check on the amended report showed that the words "temples" were amended to mean "Indian temples".

Meanwhile, the paper also published verbatim Lim's speech, which retained much of his attacks against the "green wave" and accusations relating to the trampling of non-Muslim rights and the destruction of houses of worship.

The published speech also retained parts where Lim likened Penang to China of the Ming Dynasty era facing the onslaught of the Manchu soldiers.

The amendments came after Lim attracted condemnations for his speech, which, among others, warned Penang voters of the "green wave", a euphemism by DAP leaders for Perikatan Nasional's gains in the last general election.

A string of police reports has also been lodged against the DAP leader, urging action for stirring racial and religious sentiments.

The following is a verbatim translation of Lim's speech according to China Press:

"In Penang, we can enjoy the freedom for religious ceremonies, which is very valuable, especially now with the Green Wave. The Green Wave is very dangerous. If you're not careful, not only can the Green Wave exploit your rights but also deprive you of basic rights.

"Simply put, now according to their methods, we want to attend concerts, but young people aren't allowed to attend concerts. 

"Jacky Cheung wants to come to Kuala Lumpur. Fortunately, there is a unity government, otherwise, you'll have to go to Singapore to watch (the concert). But if Penang is still there, the concerts can proceed as usual.

"Here, there are many handsome men and beautiful women, whether it's a male or female hairstylist helping you with your haircut. But with this Green Wave, men can't cut women's hair, and women can't cut men's hair. But in Penang, haircuts can still be done as usual.

"We young people want to be healthy and maintain our physique, so when we want to exercise, we wear shorts. But the Green Wave says we can't wear shorts, even in our own shops. I see that, in the future, you'll also need to wear clothes when taking a shower. But in Penang, you can still wear as usual.

"There are also some people... I don't gamble... but some people want to gamble, and they want to buy lottery tickets. This is your freedom. They say you can't. But in Penang, you can still come as usual.

"Also, I have to admit, if you want to relieve stress and relax by having a couple of drinks, is that wrong? Over there, they say you can't drink. But if Penang is still there, you can still drink as usual.

"More importantly, in this Green Wave, they look at your temples with displeasure, especially the Indian temples, 'kuil'. If they don't like what they see, they will demolish it, not allowing you to worship. 

"But, remember, if Penang is still there, you can still worship as usual.

"So should we protect Penang? Don't forget, the Green Wave resentfully looks at our development. They want to take Penang back, they want to annihilate Penang, they want you to be Penang people, they want you to be what kind of people, they want you to be Kedah people. Do you want that?

"Because we're people of Penang, we want to tell the Green Wave that the people of Penang don't allow the Green soldiers to enter because we're righteous people of Penang; we're not Wu Sangui. Those who're ready to support the Green Wave are traitors; those who support the Green Wave are rebels; those who support the Green Wave will be cursed for betraying their ancestors, and their reputations will stink for centuries. Isn't that right? Because we're people from Penang."


The verbatim speech by Lim Guan Eng in Chinese script as published by China Press:










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