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No intention of fielding Pua at state polls, says DAP

DAP secretary-general Anthony Loke says Tony Pua himself has not expressed interest in contesting any election.

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Former DAP publicity secretary Tony Pua. Photo: Bernama
Former DAP publicity secretary Tony Pua. Photo: Bernama

DAP will not field its former publicity secretary Tony Pua in the upcoming state polls, party secretary-general Anthony Loke says.

Speaking to the media after an event in Putrajaya yesterday, Loke said Pua had not expressed any interest in representing DAP at any election.

"I am perplexed why the issue of him contesting came about. He (Pua) has no interest (in being a candidate). He even gave up (contesting) the parliamentary constituency, (so) there is no question of him contesting," Loke said.

Asked about the candidates for the state elections, Loke said the names had yet to be finalised, but confirmed that Pua would not be fielded.

Pua's statement calling Barisan Nasional a "corrupt coalition" created an uncomfortable situation for Pakatan Harapan's coalition partner, but Loke yesterday said it was made in an individual capacity, adding that "such attacks on a key coalition should not have been made".

However, Loke said Pua was still DAP's policy adviser and that they remained on good terms.

"It is not an official position in the party. There is no such position in the party constitution as his role is only to advise. So, it is up to me whether to seek his advice or not.

"I have no problem with the members. But sometimes if they go overboard in terms of their words, I will express disapproval. As the secretary-general, I will do so, no problem," he said.