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Don't politicise Kulim airport, Padang Serai MP tells Anwar

Azman Nasrudin says the Kedah menteri besar has already asked to meet with the prime minister on the project.

Ahmad Mustakim Zulkifli
2 minute read
Padang Serai MP Azman Nasrudin speaks at a press conference in the Parliament building.
Padang Serai MP Azman Nasrudin speaks at a press conference in the Parliament building.

Padang Serai MP Azman Nasrudin today urged Prime Minister Anwar Ibrahim against politicising the proposed development of the Kulim International Airport (KXP).

Azman, of Perikatan Nasional, said Kedah Menteri Besar Muhammad Sanusi Md Nor had already asked to meet with Anwar to explain issues pertaining to the project. 

"The government shouldn't play politics in the KXP development issue," he said. 

"Be a prime minister who truly understands the entire project. The Kedah menteri besar has already written twice asking for a briefing for this purpose," he added in a press conference at the Parliament building today. 

During the question-and-answer session in Parliament today, Azman had asked about the transport ministry's role in ensuring that the KXP project continues in order to stimulate economic activity in the south of Kedah. 

Transport Minister Anthony Loke said that the proposed project was subject to the National Airport Strategic Plan.

"There has yet to be an official application for funding and in terms of the development period, airport operator, area involved, and other related matters for the ministry's consideration," he said. 

"It is not a matter of rejecting it as we understand the process involved. The NASP itself has yet to be finalised, and even I don't know yet because it has not been presented to me." 

Loke, too, had urged against politicising the issue. 

Azman said Loke had not responded to the issues raised about the KSP during the winding-up of the 2023 budget. 

"When asked about the progress of KXP approval, Loke said that he had not received any applications. 

"It's very confusing," Azman added. 

He said the Kedah state government had requested the KXP since 2013, with some 51 engagement sessions with agencies under the transport ministry. 

Last week, Kedah ruler Sultan Sallehuddin Sultan Badlishah decreed that the federal government under Anwar's leadership support the KXP project.