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'What are you doing?' Ambiga slams PH govt after police questioning

The former Bar president describes the probe as a demand by 'Umno-PH'.

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Former Malaysian Bar president Ambiga Sreenevasan.
Former Malaysian Bar president Ambiga Sreenevasan.

Former Malaysian Bar president Ambiga Sreenevasan today hit out at Pakatan Harapan (PH) after being questioned by the police about a statement made by former attorney-general Tommy Thomas at a forum in September last year. 

Thomas was one of several panellists at the event, along with Ambiga and DAP veteran Lim Kit Siang. 

He reportedly said that "the Malay government" had failed, criticising the two administrations that followed the collapse of the PH government. 

Speaking with lawyer Siti Kasim outside the Bukit Aman police headquarters, Ambiga said it was "very clear" that the investigation was a demand by "Umno-PH".

"I repeat my call to PH. You are a reformist government. What are you doing? What is the agenda behind all of this?

"Have you agreed to throw your former attorney-general under the bus? Please come out and be honest," she said. 

PH joined hands with Umno and Barisan Nasional in the wake of the 15th general election, ending a political impasse through the formation of a coalition government led by PH chairman Anwar Ibrahim. 

Both Umno and PH came under fire for their cooperation, with critics accusing both sides of compromising their principles. 

PH, for its part, was slammed for working with scandal-tainted Umno, whose president Ahmad Zahid Hamidi was appointed as one of two deputy prime ministers in Anwar's Cabinet.

Umno meanwhile was criticised for going back on its long-held stand of "No Anwar, no DAP".

Speaking today, Ambiga questioned the police investigation, asking where it had originated.

"Let me ask PH, the reformist government PH, is this one of the demands by Umno in relation to the investigation against Tommy Thomas?" 

"Is it related to the book?" she added, referring to Thomas' controversial memoir, "My Story: Justice in the Wilderness".

"It is clear to me that it is connected to the charges that have been brought against some of the Umno leaders," Ambiga said.

"To me, this is an utter abuse of power. I really want to know from PH, what else have you given away? Please tell us. What else have you given away to Umno?"