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'It doesn't make sense': Rafizi's claim on Invoke salaries scrutinised

Ahmad Aliff Ahmad Shariffuddin shows his calculations which have left him with more doubts on the PKR leader's recent claims.

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SCRUT co-founder Ahmad Aliff Ahmad Shariffuddin has questions for PKR deputy president Rafizi Ramli about Invoke Solutions.
SCRUT co-founder Ahmad Aliff Ahmad Shariffuddin has questions for PKR deputy president Rafizi Ramli about Invoke Solutions.

A campaigner known for scrutinising corporate and financial fraud by local businesses has challenged Rafizi Ramli over his Invoke Solutions, saying the PKR leader's claim that the company has 150 employees or pays them salaries of RM3,200 is questionable, based on rough calculations.

Ahmad Aliff Ahmad Shariffuddin, a co-founder of online database services provider SCRUT, said checks of Invoke's audit report showed discrepancies with his statement that the cost of salaries was RM3.3 million. 

Aliff referred to a claim by Rafizi earlier this month that he paid fresh university graduates RM3,200 as a starting salary, with a minimum 6% increment for the last three years.

Aliff said if an Invoke employee was paid RM3,200, the total salary cost would come to RM480,000 per month, and RM5.76 million per year.

He said Invoke's audit report, however, put the cost of employees at RM3.3 million and its income at RM6.3 million. 

"Do the math: RM3,200 multiplied by 150 people equals RM480,000, giving us RM5.76 million," he said in a Facebook post. 

He said this had yet to take into account statutory payments such as for the Employees Provident Fund (EPF) and Socso, staff benefits and the possibility that some staff might already be earning much higher salaries.

"If you take RM3.4 million divided by 12 (months) and 150 (workers), you get RM1,900 a month in average minimum wage. Not RM3,200." 

Aliff said even if Invoke had 100 employees, the calculations would put their wages at RM2,888 each, not RM3,200. 

"This is why I say it doesn't make sense.

"I don't know if there are top-ups and shares sold to boost this," he said.

He said Rafizi should also show statements from EPF as proof of what he pays his 150 workers. 

Rafizi came under scrutiny following his declaration of assets in which he listed RM16.7 million in shares from Invoke as part of a total of RM19.67 million in assets owned.

He also claimed he was already a millionaire by the age 30, citing his salary and bonuses at Petronas, remarks raised more questions from his critics on his sources of income.

Aliff said in Rafizi's asset declaration, it was said that the bulk of his wealth was through company shares. 

He questioned whether the commissioner of oaths was given the relevant documents, as well as proof of Rafizi's salary and increments during his time at Petronas.

Aliff said any sworn statement must be accompanied by an attachment of evidence and supporting documents.

"Otherwise, I can also make a sworn statement claiming assets worth RM100 billion."

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