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Zahid's statement on floods and GE15 misinterpreted, says Annuar

The communications and multimedia minister says the Barisan Nasional chairman was referring to BN's readiness to face the election.

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Communications and Multimedia Minister Annuar Musa speaks at an event in Putrajaya today. Photo: Bernama
Communications and Multimedia Minister Annuar Musa speaks at an event in Putrajaya today. Photo: Bernama

Ketereh MP Annuar Musa today said that Umno president Ahmad Zahid Hamidi's statement that Barisan Nasional (BN) was ready to brave the rain and floods to face the 15th general election, even if it is called during the monsoon season at the end of the year, had been misinterpreted. 

Annuar, the communications and multimedia minister, said Zahid's statement was in reference to the readiness of the BN election machinery to face GE15. 

"I like to think in a positive way, that Zahid's statement emphasised BN’s preparedness if GE15 is called during the flood season. It doesn’t necessarily mean to have GE15 called despite the floods.

"I just try to clear things up. It was not about holding GE15 during the floods. The statement was misinterpreted as it was not issued officially in writing," he told reporters after an event in Putrajaya.

Annuar was responding to Zahid’s statement at the launch of the BN Youth machinery at the Titiwangsa Stadium in Kuala Lumpur last Saturday.
Annuar also said that the holding of GE15 during the monsoon season was inappropriate as floods would definitely make it difficult for the voters to come out and cast their votes.

"When we want to hold an election, the aspect of convenience and a safe environment for the voters must be taken into account.

"During monsoon season, the priority will be on saving the lives and properties of victims. Transportation will also become a problem. In this situation, it will not be seen as in line with the principle of holding an election to give the people the opportunity to exercise their rights," he said.

Last Saturday, Prime Minister Ismail Sabri Yaakob was reported as saying that the date of the dissolution of Parliament would be announced soon to pave the way for GE15.