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Iran to halt flights to Malaysia over US fuel sanctions

The last flight from Iran to Malaysia will be on Aug 23.

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A plane passes over KLIA in Sepang in this file picture.
A plane passes over KLIA in Sepang in this file picture.

Iranian airlines will halt all flights to Malaysia after Aug 23, with aviation authorities citing US sanctions on refuelling planes from the republic. 

News portal Iran International cited Maghsoud Asadi-Samani of Iran's Aviation Companies Association as saying that fuelling companies at Malaysian airports have been told that they will be subject to punitive measures if they continue fuelling planes from the republic. 

The last flight to Kuala Lumpur will be operated by Mahan Airlines, which was sanctioned by the US in 2008 for its links to the Quds Force of Iran’s Revolutionary Guard, the report said. 

Maghsoud said this would be "yet another blow" for Iran's aviation industry, which would lose the revenue from passenger transportation on this route. 

"We will lose one of the bases in Southeast Asia," he was reported as saying.