Monday, December 6, 2021

PN likely to contest all seats in Melaka polls, says Muhyiddin

The Perikatan Nasional chairman says candidates are not a problem as the coalition has many leaders who are qualified to become state assemblymen.

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Perikatan Nasional (PN) chairman Muhyiddin Yassin today said there is a strong likelihood that his coalition will contest all 28 seats in the upcoming Melaka polls.

Speaking at a press conference in Bukit Gambir, he said PN had many leaders and individuals qualified to be become state assemblymen.

“It’s not a problem,” he said when asked about candidates.

Muhyiddin said yesterday that PN was ready to face three-cornered fights in the Nov 20 election, adding that the coalition had already begun preparing for the polls.

He said the three PN parties in the peninsula – Bersatu, PAS and Gerakan – had also agreed that they were ready to face multi-cornered fights if necessary.

His comments came amid uncertainty over whether Barisan Nasional and its lynchpin party Umno would decide to work alone in the Melaka polls.

Umno at its annual general assembly earlier this year had agreed to cut ties with Bersatu.

Umno president Ahmad Zahid Hamidi yesterday referred to this conclusion, saying the decision not to work with Bersatu had been made at the assembly.

“For Bersatu, we have made a decision. We will never work with them… period.

“That is our decision and we have decided not to work with Bersatu,” he said.

Speaking today, Muhyiddin said he had expected such a response.

“I read many statements before this, and decisions from Umno at the general assembly. But out of prudence, at the early stages we wanted to see.

“If it is now official that they are saying, no way we will cooperate, that is a fact. As I said yesterday, we are ready for any form of contest, whether three-cornered or four-cornered or a straight fight. That is not a problem for us.”

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