Friday, October 22, 2021

Daily cases dip again to 14,300

Sarawak reports some 3,600 cases followed by Johor with just under 1,600.

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Another 14,345 Covid-19 cases were recorded today, taking total confirmed infections in the country to 2,112,175.

Sarawak recorded 3,611 cases, Johor 1,598, Selangor 1,365, Sabah 1,255, Penang 1,170, Perak 1,090 and Kelantan 1,050.

Kedah recorded 967 cases, Terengganu 804, Pahang 779, Kuala Lumpur 307, Melaka 162 and Negeri Sembilan 125.

Perlis recorded 51 cases and Putrajaya 11. No new cases were reported in Labuan.

Another 16,814 patients recovered, bringing total recoveries to 1,880,736.

Meanwhile 1,167 are in the ICU, including 906 confirmed Covid-19 patients.

A total of 636 are in need of respiratory assistance including 407 confirmed Covid-19 cases.

Of the 14,345 cases reported today, 212 (1.5%) are in Category Three and above while the remaining 14,133 (98.5%) are in Category One and Two.

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