Wednesday, September 29, 2021

Sarawak flies 1,760 doses of vaccine to Miri interior

The state government assures that more vaccine supplies will be sent in stages to clinics in remote areas.

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Sarawak today flew 1,760 doses of Sinovac vaccine to the interior of Miri along with a mobile vaccination team to help with the immunisation drive there which will begin at four public health clinics tomorrow.

“Today, vaccine supply was delivered to four public health clinics in Bario, Mulu, Long San and Long Bedian,” state Transport Minister Lee Kim Shin said in a statement.

He added that the state government would continue sending more supplies of vaccine in stages to these clinics along with another 19 in the area according to the schedule provided by the Miri Divisional Health Office and the fire department, which had provided the Hornbill Skyways helicopters used to deliver today’s shipment.

He assured that rural clinics would receive enough vaccine to be administered to villagers in remote areas.

“Every rural clinic that receives vaccine supplies has a medical officer, stable electricity supply and a top loading-type refrigerator for the storage of the vaccine,” he added.

Miri fire department chief Law Poh Kiong meanwhile said the team would be delivering food supplies as well to villagers in the interior of Miri, which has been largely cut off from the city by the ongoing lockdown.

“Today, we successfully delivered the vaccine supply despite the bad weather. During the flight, the weather was cloudy with heavy rain in some areas.”

He said the remaining food baskets, weighing some 2,703kg, would be flown to Long Sait and Pa’Tik on another flight tomorrow as the weather conditions had not allowed the plane to depart from Miri this afternoon.

“The next supply of vaccine will be delivered within the next two weeks,” he told MalaysiaNow.

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