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70,000-strong enforcement team to monitor latest lockdown

The number of roadblocks will also be increased, to 800 from the current 600.

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Home Minister Hamzah Zainudin speaks at a press conference on the impending lockdown in Kuala Lumpur today.
Home Minister Hamzah Zainudin speaks at a press conference on the impending lockdown in Kuala Lumpur today.

Putrajaya today said a total of 70,000 enforcement officers comprising the police, armed forces and other agencies would be mobilised to monitor public compliance with SOPs during the two-week lockdown which begins June 1.

“We are aware that these actions we have done since last year, but we would like to improve on our experience,” Hamzah Zainudin, the home minister, told a press conference today.

He said the police force would get an additional boost of 18,000 men, bringing to 55,000 the total number of officers tasked with implementing the nationwide lockdown.

He also said more roadblocks would be set up, with a target of 800 compared to the current 600.

Meanwhile, spot checks will be carried out by the SOP compliance monitoring team together with the relevant ministries and agencies including the international trade and industry ministry, human resources ministry and local authorities.

Manpower for the team will be increased to nearly 20,000 compared to the current 13,795.

“Firm action without compromise such as issuing compounds will be taken against any party failing to comply with SOPs under the Disease Prevention and Control Act Infectious 1988,” the home ministry said in a statement.

The latest lockdown, announced by the government last night, is expected to continue until June 14.

During this time, only essential services and economic sectors given the green light will be allowed to operate.

This followed days of record daily numbers of Covid-19 cases which hit an all-time high of 8,290 yesterday.

There are also more than 72,000 active cases, with 808 people being treated in the ICU and about 400 needing to be intubated.

The pandemic has so far infected more than half a million people in the country, killing 2,552.

The home ministry said its operation centre will be open around the clock during the two-week lockdown.

It listed the following hotline numbers for the public to reach the various agencies under the ministry.

1. Home ministry: Tel 03-8886 8110 / 03-8886 8126
2. Police: Tel: 03-2266 3333 / 03-2266 3334 / 03-2031 9999
3. Prisons Department: Tel 03-8737 2342
4. Immigration Department: Tel 03-8880 1555
5. National Registration Department: Tel 03-8880 7077
6. Maritime Enforcement Agency: Tel 03-8943 4001 Maritim-POMAR) / WhatsApp: 019-261 1833 / 03-8941 3140 (Rescue Coordination Centre)
7. People’s Volunteer Corps: Tel 03-8870 3692