Wednesday, January 26, 2022

Govt regaining public confidence in handling of Covid-19 crisis, survey shows

The survey, carried out four times from January to April, also shows an increase in confidence in the Covid-19 vaccine.

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A recent series of surveys shows that the government has been regaining public confidence in its handling of the Covid-19 crisis since the implementation of the National Covid-19 Immunisation Programme or PICK in February.

The four surveys conducted by UCSI Poll Research Centre in Kuala Lumpur from Jan 18 to April 5 show an increase in public confidence from an initial score of 5.59 out of 10 in January to 6.5 in April.

The first survey, conducted from Jan 18 to 20, involved 980 respondents.

The second survey, from Feb 6 to 8, involved 649 respondents who gave a score of 5.79 while the third survey, from Feb 19 to 22, involved 618 respondents who gave a score of 5.88.

The final survey, from March 31 to April 5, covered 1,136 respondents.

The surveys also showed an increase in confidence in the vaccine, from a score of 5.82 in January to 6.41 in April.

The centre’s CEO Pek Chuen Khee said public confidence levels towards the government in its management of Covid-19 issues and the Covid-19 vaccine have a positive correlation.

“More people are excited to be vaccinated as the risk level is proven low by international and local success stories.

“As health issues take higher priority in the public’s hearts, the government is expected to do more for the people and nation in line with the Shared Prosperity Vision 2030,” he said in a statement.

Phase One of the national vaccination plan involved the inoculation of frontliners while Phase Two, which will begin next week, will cover senior citizens and those in high-risk groups.

Phase Three, which involves adults aged 18 and above, is scheduled to begin in May.

The government is aiming to achieve herd immunity through the inoculation of 80% of the population by February 2022.

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