Tuesday, January 18, 2022

No seat discussions with crisis-riddled Umno, says Hadi

The PAS president says Umno is facing internal problems and has moved away from its political understanding with Bersatu.

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PAS president Abdul Hadi Awang today said the party has only discussed seat allocations for the next general election with Bersatu as Umno is facing internal problems.

Speaking to reporters after his weekly lecture at Masjid Rusila in Terengganu, he said discussions on seat distribution would depend on how Umno resolves these issues.

“A committee has been formed, but the stance has changed. Since Umno is having trouble, we resolved matters with Bersatu,” he said.

He added that PAS would monitor further developments on its political ties with Umno following the Malay party’s move to reject cooperation between PAS and Bersatu in the state.

“We will see what happens because even in Umno, it is not uniform.

“The problem of Umno leaders not falling in line is their business. We want to unite the Malays. Umno and PAS are not the only Malays.”

Last August, Bersatu president Muhyiddin Yassin announced that his party’s Supreme Council had agreed to join Muafakat Nasional, the charter inked between PAS and Umno in September 2019.

The proposal to make Muafakat Nasional an official coalition registered with the Registrar of Societies had been made by the Umno political bureau as part of efforts to prepare the party for the next general election.

Muafakat Nasional had been planned as a political organisation to enable the three parties leading the current administration – Umno, Bersatu and PAS – to represent their parties in making important decisions including on government positions and the distribution of seats.

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