Tuesday, March 2, 2021

Ex-AG Thomas tried to cover up failings through insults, says legal officers group

Jalsoa accuses the ex-AG of making derogatory remarks about his former staff.

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Public judicial and legal officers have joined the chorus of criticism against former attorney-general Tommy Thomas, accusing him of making remarks derogatory of his own former staff in his new autobiography.

The Judicial and Legal Service Officers’ Association (Jalsoa) said the negative perception of public legal officers shown by Thomas in his book, “My Story: Justice in the Wilderness”, was to cover up his own weaknesses.

“Such a perception is invented by Tommy Thomas himself for his failure to lead the Attorney-General’s Chambers and understand the administration of the public service,” it said.

It also questioned Thomas for passing judgment on the capability of legal officers at the Attorney General’s Chambers (AGC), saying many of his remarks were “malicious and an insult to all legal officers”.

Jalsoa said public legal officers have always carried out their responsibilities with confidentiality and integrity without pursuing popularity.

“Tommy Thomas should not question the ability of the legal officers under him within a short period, what more to clearly name and insult the officers in his book,” the association said.

It further said that Thomas’ inferences that there were not enough qualified lawyers at the AGC to handle high-profile cases “reflects his narrow-mindedness”.

“Legal officers who have the ability and same level of academic qualifications of private lawyers were present to represent the government to argue in the courts including in international negotiations and disputes of national interests,” the statement added.

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